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Vous devez saisir des informations valides
Michael Lint
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Michael Lint

This is an amazing site that has great information and has helped countless times with my uniform research. Also, I have been researching Colonels and portraits of officers from different regiments using your website. I wanted to know if you needed any help or could use some of the material I have stored to help with the history of these regiments. I saw you used my photo of the 111e Ligne created by Alexis Cabaret and edited by BoomerLC23. If, you would like more plates please let me know as I am currently working on the 3e Ligne and 4e Ligne. These include Drum Majors, Musicians, Drummers (grenadier,fusilier,voltigeur) and soldiers on the regiments. I leave a picture of the 3e Ligne Head of Column!

Thank you,
Hello! My name is Ivan. I live in Moscow. Sorry, I don't know English well and I don't know French at all.
My ancestor Francois Juvi (I don't know how this name is written in French) fought in the 8th light regiment. In 1812 he came to Russia. He was captured near Moscow. He stayed in Russia on the Volga river near Saratov. He became a Russian citizen.
From the Russian archives I know that Francois was in the 8th regiment from 1806 or 1807 to 1812. Francois was born in 1792 in Villecomte. But I couldn't find Francois in the archives of this city in France. Maybe I misspelled his last name?
I want to find Francois on the regiment's lists in France.
Please help me to find historians or fans who knows about the list regiment 8.
Thank you very much!
My mail: serovivan@mail.ru
Bonjour Monsieur Berjaud,
Je m'appelle Giulio de l'Italie et je voudrais vous féliciter pour l'énorme travail de recherche que vous faites pour l'histoire napoléonienne. Je voudrais être utile si possible.
Je joins un lien avec un article écrit par moi sur la 102ème ligne Rgt.
J'ai aussi des photos de plaques de ma collection qui peuvent être publiées librement (10, 75, 102).
Si intéressé peut me contacter à l'email.
Merci et encore félicitations.
silin pavel
Tout simplement bravo pour cet énorme boulot