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Le 15-01-2009 à 11:41:41

all a écrit...

each night.
one thing.
your reef.
it is size.
it is mass.
it is velocity.
it is weight.
it is height.
it is direction.
it is action.
it is reaction.
your shoes.
world shoes.
your shoes.
world talk for ever.
Le 08-11-2008 à 13:23:08

all a écrit...

light 24.
the world.
dark 24.
Le 11-07-2008 à 06:57:18

Raza a écrit...

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Le 13-09-2007 à 18:40:15

Mike a écrit...


Just to say I thought many of the pictures captured the natural feel of nature and your nakedness.

You are attractive when you look at the camera and smile or when you bend over in a mating position, but you know that.

Your middle age is catching up in the lense but you give the impression of being in need of something more than the caress of sunshine and than overides the above and makes the juices flow. You have it and hopefully someone is getting it.

Good luck and I hope you find whetever is driving you to do this



Le 06-02-2007 à 15:30:59

smoothboy a écrit...

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Le 18-12-2006 à 09:51:19

all a écrit...

Lundi 18 Décembre 2006
each day.
each morning.
in summer.
in winter.
in spring.
in autumn.
i will go to the lake.
i will ask birds.
i will ask waves.
i will ask stones.
i know the answer.
but i will go.
but i will ask.
Le 08-12-2006 à 14:29:31

all a écrit...

the sea .your face.
the lake .your right side.
the river.your body.
the mountain.your calf.
Le 08-12-2006 à 14:27:22

all a écrit...

your vertcbral column pull me.
Le 08-12-2006 à 14:25:33

all a écrit...

are you a ballerina?
your waist at the top of montagene noire.
your vertcbral column.say that.
Le 08-12-2006 à 08:55:17

all a écrit...

france 24.
nudarea 24.
come here.